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Choosing a new aluminium front door

aluminium front door

Selecting a new front door for your home is a big deal – it’s one of the first things any visitors will see and of course it’s something that you will use several times every day.

There are a wide range of styles to choose which makes choosing a new aluminium entrance door even more difficult! That is why Clearview have put together a few advantages of owning an aluminium front door.

Thermal Insulation
Aluminium entrance doors have incredible thermal insulation properties, which means you can potentially save a huge amount of money on your energy and heating bills!

We all need to feel safe and secure in our home, and aluminium entrance doors provide just that. The doors are tough and durable and and have multiple-point locking systems.

Acoustic insulation
Aluminium front doors are far better than plastic and timber doors in terms of acoustic insulation. Loud outside noises stay outside, meaning you can enjoy a quieter, more peaceful home with your family and friends.

Aluminium entrance doors are the perfect material for modern aesthetics and taste. In addition, the durability of aluminium ensures that they look new for many years to come. Also, aluminium can be powdercoated to finish in virtually any colour allowing you to personalise your front door to your requirements and perfectly match the other doors and windows of your home. For additional features, side panels and transom lights can also make your aluminium front door stand out and look unique. You’ll end up with a door that creates the perfect first impression for your home and last for years to come!

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