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Antiques in the Kitchen

Antiques have long had a place in the family home. From entire houses decorated in a traditional fashion, to statement pieces dotted around. There are even collectors who do not display their wares, instead hording it for further transactions or simply for the pleasure of it.

But one place you rarely see antiques is the kitchen. Like the bathroom, the archetype kitchen is crisp, clean and sterile. And yet they are often described as the heart of the home. They are where people come together to cook and eat. They are the base from where the family launches. So these two ideals of the kitchen are in stark contrast with one another.

However, kitchens are changing. As design is a huge part of what we do here at Clear View we like to keep our eye on the latest trends. We have noticed an increase in what could be called ‘rustic’ kitchens. These kitchens are often put together using a mish mash of antique and vintage cabinets and tables.

The result is a kitchen that is a lot softer than their modern counterparts.

Alternatively, if you want the technical benefits of a modern, functional kitchen but with a little more personality then you could try statement pieces. These are single pieces of reclaimed furniture placed to intentionally contrast with their modern surroundings.

Antique utensils and accessories are still viable options. A lot of mass produced kitchenware these days are throw away items. But not so long ago things were built to last. Knives that were crafted close to 100 years ago are still more than functional today, as are pots and pans made from cast iron.

Or, for a blend of old and new all in one you could try copper cookware. Using modern construction techniques these copper pans are perfectly functional and usable, but their orange sheen and rustic appearance harken back to more pastoral times.

Clear View Aluminium Doors are one of the North’s premier suppliers of aluminium framed doors and windows. To find out more about our products and services just call us on 0800 1357167.

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