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Are you sure a bi-folding door is right for you?

Bi-folding doors can be a great investment for the home. They allow an increased amount of light into rooms, creating a brighter and warmer atmosphere, as well as helping to break down barriers between indoor and outdoor living areas. Before deciding if a bi-folding door if the right option for you, here are some things to consider:

  1. Installation space available

If the door is leading directly from a room into the garden, both a bi-folding door or a sliding door could be installed. The advantage of a bi-folding door is that when it is opened, it folds back in such a way that no living space is lost. This allows you to make the most of each area and is good for smaller spaces. On the other hand, a sliding door, whilst taking up more space, can provide greater uninterrupted views due to a fewer number of panels and frames being used.

  1. Overall appearance

Bi-folding doors are extremely versatile and are great for enhancing the overall look of a property. As they can be custom made, you are able to decide on the size, number and configuration of the panels, allowing you to create a truly unique design. As the aluminium frames are available in a variety of RAL colour finishes this means that they can be ordered in a shade which complements existing features of your home too.

  1. Security

Bi-folding doors are a good option in terms of security. Although the aluminium frames are very slim, they are robust and durable. Latest technology locking systems are also used with our bi-folding doors, providing the best safety and security features available.

Clearview have been designing, manufacturing and fitting bi-folding doors at commercial and residential properties since 2010. During this time we have built-up a reputation for creating innovative doors at competitive prices and delivering a high quality service to all our customers. For more information or to arrange a free, no obligation quote, please contact us on 08001357167.




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