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Bi-folding vs sliding doors

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Clear View offer customers the option of installing a bi-folding or a sliding door in their home. Using specially manufactured aluminium, Clear View is able to guarantee our customers a 10-year guarantee on any of our products due to the standard of metal which is sourced from Germany.

Two popular choices amongst customers are the bi-folding and sliding doors. The bi-folding variant offers a multi-folding function which provides a 90% opening when fully extended. In its most open state, it offers a complete open access into the area behind it. Bi-folding doors or concertinas as they are alternatively known are a beautiful and functional alternative to the typical patio doors, which can only provide a 40% opening.

Clients of Clear View who have previously had bi-folding aluminium doors installed have mentioned that they felt an added sense of freedom when they invested in a concertina, expressing the difference they felt as opposed to when they went into the garden through a door. The owners of the bi-folding doors also mentioned they felt vitalised and happy due to the extra sunlight they were taking in by having the door open.

The sliding door is another alternative to your typical patio and conservatory doors. This style of door boasts an impressive complete opening into the garden, which customers have expressed their delight in as it is said to bring them closer to the outdoors. The sliding door, which has been described as a ‘sliding glass wall’ by certain clients is comprised of a single door which is up to 3 metres in height and width which yields fantastic interrupted views.

Although the bi-folding door has a 90% opening, the sliding door doesn’t use as many vertical panels which in turn allows more light into the building. You would jump to the assumption that with a piece of glass and aluminium bindings up to 3 metres in height and width and 180kg in weight that the opening and closing of this door would make a lot of noise, but that isn’t the case. The single pane of glass is completely silent whilst being used and is as secure as the bi-folding door which utilises a higher quantity of aluminium.

What the sliding door has as an advantage over the bi-folding door is that it only requires the width of the frame and not an area around it, which compliments an open plan kitchen or dining room perfectly and is one of the reasons that the sliding door is a popular choice as it requires less space. With several variations available, the sliding door can create openings between 66% and 75% dependent on the number of panels selected.

Both aluminium doors can be installed in under the advised timescale of four weeks. For more information call us at: 08001357167.




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