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Choosing the Right Brick for Your Home

Bricks For your Home

Nothing quite changes the appearance of the outside of your home like aluminium windows and doors. Instantly they lift and modernise a building. They are unique in the way that they work with a whole range of design styles. From modern and minimalist, to rustic and cosy, there is an aluminium window and door that will work with your home.

However, beyond the windows and doors, the next thing that will decide how your home looks and feels is the very bricks it is made of.

When you think of a brick you will probably think of a simple red block. Think of a home and you will think of lots of red blocks piled on top of each other. However, this is doing the humble brick a great disservice. And depending on where you are in the country, probably inaccurate.

Bricks come in a plethora of sizes and shapes, each with their own look and feel. But, how do you know which is the right brick for your home?

A large part of this will be dictated by where your home is. When building a new home, or looking to renovate your existing one, planner will often request that you use brick in keeping with other homes in the area. There are local variations, but you can expect it to look something like this:

·         Oranges are typical in Lincolnshire

·         Red bricks are common in the north

·         Creams and yellows are common around Cambridgeshire and London

·         Blue bricks are seen on properties in the Midlands

The next step is to pick a brick that suits your home. For example, if you are after a farmhouse type build, then bricks that are uniform and regular will not suit this typically rustic building. On that note, it is often thought that man-made bricks are better than machine made. But in reality, as far as quality goes, there is very little difference. However, you can expect machine made bricks to be far more uniform and precise than man made bricks, which is something to consider.

Then you need to consider the bond, or pattern, of the brickwork. This will have a subtle, yet profound effect on the appearance of your home. There are two traditional bonds, Flemish and English. But since the advent of modern cavity walls Stretcher Bonds have grown in popularity due to their simplicity.

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