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Stay warm this Winter with Clearview sliding doors

Aluminium sliding doors

Our aluminium sliding doors are incredibly high performing, allowing you to experience the great outdoors from the comfort and warmth of your home, whatever the weather.

Sliding patio doors are the perfect upgrade for almost any property regardless of your style preferences or location. During the warmer months, they offer an incredible combination of indoor and outdoor living, connecting the home to the garden outside. In the Winter, it allows for more natural light to enter the home and living space whilst providing a thermally efficient barrier keeping the warm air inside and cold air out.

Aluminium sliding doors provide a homeowner with an all year round view of the changing seasons. The exceptionally large glass panels allow for an incredible view of the outdoors whether the doors are opened or closed.

I’m lacking space – should I choose aluminium sliding doors or aluminium bifold doors?

Aluminium bifolding doors are the most obvious alternative to aluminium sliding doors. When open, they produce a larger opening than any other door system. However, with a bi-fold door, you will need to allow space either side of the door for it to be opened and closed – this may prove tricky if you have plant pots outside or furniture on the inside located close to the doors. With a sliding door system, this problem is easily avoided as the door opens in a seamlessly, staying within the remits of the track and threshold opening. In addition, sliding door panels can be manufactured on a larger scale so there is less frame hindering your view of the outside and allowing more natural light to enter the room.

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