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Creating the Perfect Garden This Autumn

 Autumn usually conjures images of the warm fires and cosy blankets on the sofa. It can be a beautiful time of year, but it is not usually a time of year that we imagine spending in the garden. But this is shame. The colours associated with autumn are not to be found anywhere else. To ignore these would be a terrible loss.

As much as enjoying the beauty of a winter garden, spending time outside can be good for your health. Cold weather increases metabolism and exposure to sunlight can help fend off the symptoms of SAD.

Obviously, there are things you will have to do to your garden in order to make sure it can bloom and survive the colder months. Plant positioning and the structure of your garden counts for a lot in the colder, wetter months. By creating raised beds with plenty of drainage you can shelter them from the frost of the ground, and stop them drowning when it inevitably rains.

Railway sleepers make for a wonderful feature, they are a stylish way to break up your garden into clear sections. They are also extremely tough and hardy, and will need no maintenance or special treatment.

Plant choice is tough, as the majority of plants will die off at the first winter frost. But evergreen perennials work well in autumn and winter. As do foliage type plants. Heather, lavender and pansies add scent and colour to your garden and will survive the cold well. Just make sure to plant them in containers which will not crack and break in the cold.

For an extra little treat you can entice animals to your garden. A mix of suet cake and peanuts will help attract robins, and by leaving areas of your garden ‘wild’ you create the perfect place for hedgehogs to hibernate.

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