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What glass do I choose for a south facing home?

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If you choose the wrong glass for your home, you can end up with an uncomfortable environment within your living space.

In our latest blog, we look at how the aspect of your home might influence the type of windows you choose.

South-facing properties

In the UK, we generally want to allow the maximum amount of heat that strikes the window to pass through into the house. This means using low-E glass. Low E glass has an extremely thin coating of metal, which acts as a filter for ultraviolet light. Infra-red rays (that heat up your home) will enter and then they’ll be trapped by a similar coating on the other side.

North-facing properties

Given north facing windows are almost always in the shade, they are more likely to be triple glazed than south facing windows. However, the UK climate is fairly mild in comparison to other european countries and therefore our modern high performance glass will often suffice. In addition, larger panels within slimline aluminium frames will let in more light compared to alternative systems such as uPVC – this is probably more of a requirement than thermal performance benefits of triple glazing if budget is a big factor in your decision. 

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