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The Advantages of Natural Light

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Since the beginning, we have relied on natural light to start and end the day. Our ancestors didn’t have artificial light so life even moreso then than now revolved around natural light. However, despite the advancement in lighting technology and dependancy on artificial light, the modern home still yearns to maximise natural light – by why? We explore a few benefits of natural light in our latest blog and look at the reasons why you should invest in Clearview aluminium doors and windows.


Our daily sleep patterns are still governed by exposure to natural light and the sunrise/sunset cycles throughout the year. Over-reliance on artificial light has meant that humans can easily get out of sync with these natural rhythms and therefore by maximising light from outside the home within the home, it will help with sleep patterns for the whole family.

Vitamin D

It’s fairly common knowledge that daylight is our main source of vitamin D, but what many people might not know is exactly what we need it for. Vitamin D is the vital ingredient to develop strong bones – our body needs it to absorb calcium, and it helps us to develop in infancy and grow through to adults. Lack of vitamin D has been linked to depression and obesity.

Prevention of mould

It is a well known fact that mould thrives in the dark, and therefore ensuring sure that your home or living space is filled with plenty of sunlight can help prevent the spores from taking hold. This helps keep your home clean and fresh and prevent any related illnesses.

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