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Picking Doors that are important to your home

According to the latest government statistics, house building and home development are two areas of the construction sector which have improved significantly over the past 12 months. Leading manufacturers of doors and windows have gone on record as saying they have seen an uplift in demand as more property owner’s look to upgrade their homes, and this has meant more people are adding value to their properties once again after the economic crash in 2007.

Such is the increase in volume of home development projects over the past few years, products such as bi-folding doors and roof lanterns have now become this years must have home improvement accessory, rather than just a pipe-dream for the middle-class working professional. Many homeowners have invested heavily in these items to help enhance their homes, however leading professionals within the design and architecture sector have begun to question whether people are picking on trends, rather than practicality.

Let us look at the facts:

Thousands of bi-folding doors have been sold year on year with the number ever increasing as their popularity grows. They have overtaken patio and sliding doors as the most sought-after type of door. Intriguingly however, despite their multiple benefits, they might not be best suited for everyone.


It is important when picking a set of doors and windows that they reflect what is important to you and your home. Is it the look and style or the ease of freedom between the garden and the home? Depending on this decision, that is how you should make your choice, rather than following what designers are saying is the must have.

Let’s look at this in a more logical manner. If you are choosing a Christmas gift for someone and they have said they would like gift a – however gift b (a different gift) is an industry leader but doesn’t offer what gift a does, you wouldn’t pick that for a friend. Why would you then follow trends in the industry and compromise your own personal enjoyment and happiness?

So what do you do?

Well, for starters, talking to a door and window company that has experience in working with more than one product would be a good start. This way you can guarantee that instead of selling you their product, they will try and find out which of their range of products would be suit your needs. They will ask questions such as volume of use, additional features and budgets to ensure they cover every base before you pick the door that is best for you.

Importantly, they will also be able to advise on whether any choice you make might have an impact on the way you will use your home, and this will be beneficial for you for the future in your home.

So, if you are one of the thousands of people thinking about making developments to your home this year, make sure you seek professional advice and do not just follow the trends, instead get the deal/package that is right for you.




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