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Sliding or bi-folding doors?

Whether you’re just replacing doors or going for a full renovation, you shouldn’t rush the decision of which doors to get. There are many variables and many pros and cons for both sliding doors and bi-folding doors.

If you’re replacing doors make sure that it’s the right one. A recent survey showed that 85% of people thought that having a view of your garden would increase your property value. Some experts agree, saying that the right set of bi-folding or sliding door can add up £15,000.

Both doors offer a stylish and modern alternative to traditional patio doors.

Firstly; know the mechanism. Bi-Folding doors have multiple panels which collapse back to open. Where-as sliding doors are also self-explanatory, this is made up of two large panes whereby one slides behind the other.

The Pros of sliding doors

Sliding doors can take up the width of an entire wall. This will make your room so much brighter and vibrant with the amount of natural light that can now get in. The view will also be a mile better than a patio door or plain window.

Sliding doors can be made from any material; PVC, wood, or aluminium all work great. Sliding doors, partially because it has less frames to manufacture and fit, are less expensive and therefore a cheaper alternative, but still a great choice for a new door.

The cons of sliding doors

Whilst when closed you get a full wall-width view of your garden, the sliding mechanism means that they can only open to half their length and not all the way. The only way to get around this is to install pockets in the wall but not all houses can accommodate for this.

Sliding doors only have one setting with regard to configuration. Either closed or half open. You can still however just partially slide the door open for a draft but the doors won’t open past half way.

Sliding doors do need to heavy frame in the middle. This can look less aesthetically pleasing unless you want to spend more money on more expensive materials that both look good and has the quality to be durable.

The Pros of bi-folding doors

Likewise, bi-folding doors also have the option to greatly increase the sunlight into your room as opposed to old, traditional style patio doors. These again can be manufactured to fit at the entire wall length. Unlike sliding doors, these can open up completely along the length of the wall giving you a huge open wall sized space.

Bi-Folding doors offer the most flexibility with regards to the choice of configurations. Due to the separated panels these can open wholly, partially, just in the middle of any other position of folding and opening certain panels to suit your preference.

Completely customisable in term of material. Bi-folding doors also work great with any type of material; from aluminium, wood, timber, or PVC.

The cons of bi folding doors

Bi-Folding doors are made from lots of small glass panels. Each of these are attached together by hinges on the dividing bars. Whilst these can open to a fully open space, when closed these bars can obstruct your view outside.

The versatility of bi fold doors has made them the most popular. This however has meant they too, are the most expensive. As you can withdraw them to any position, and they work just as well in every material these have recently became the door of choice for most renovators.

The decision is a hard one, this straight-forward list of everything to consider should help. Once, with great care, you are certain you have made your decision then give a professional a call and make your dream a reality.

Clear View Doors are a leading manufacturer and installer of all types of top of the range doors. Suiting every type of home Clear View can tail any door to your personal preference.

If you have any queries regarding doors or windows, then give Clear View a call on 08001357167.

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