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This Seasons Best Patio Furniture

Patio Furniture

Brighten up your Patio.

One of the main reasons people install bi-folding doors is to reduce the barrier between inside and out. During the warmer months of the year, and even on a cool autumn evening, there is nothing more pleasant than sitting out in your own garden, relaxing and enjoying what is yours.

However, you can only do this if your patio furniture is comfortable, and actually pleasant to use. This is why Clearview Bi-folding Doors put together this small list of some of the best patio furniture in the UK.

The Rowena Rocking bed is quickly becoming a staple sight in many gardens across the country. A modern take on the traditional sun lounger, it is more ergonomic and has a more contemporary design. This sun lounger is designed to rock and relax you, but does come with wedges to lock it in place, if you so desire.

The Nordeck chair is made from pine, which means each chair is unique in its appearance. With a very modern, angular design it will sit well on the veranda of any modern home. This chair changes angles from a more upright to a reclined position with ease.

This large concrete bench and planter is on the cutting edge of design. Concrete has some unique properties, and actually sits well in many home styles. As the concrete ages its colours will shift and change giving it a very unique appearance. Add to this the planter that is built in, you can redesign the bench as you see fit.

Continuing the concrete theme, this dining table from Made, comes in muted grey tones, and would sit well in any modern, minimalist home. As it is concrete it will survive outdoors in all weather, and it can realistically, comfortably seat 4 people. This means that whatever the time of year you can create an excuse to get together with your friends.

To match the above table is this bench. As they are both part of the Edson collection, they will sit together perfectly.

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