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Top myths about sliding patio doors

Sliding patio doors offer a modern, sleek solution to the challenge of how to stay warm and dry inside, while enjoying what the outdoors has to offer to the full. Uninterrupted views, and increased daylight make sliding patios doors from Clear View a great option to connect your home with your garden, or patio. Some myths still surround patio doors, though, founded when patio doors were still in the infancy of design. Here are four of those misleading myths, explained for you.

  1. Patio doors are hard to open and close – the panels are heavy and stick in the tracks. This used to be a problem with older, heavy patio doors, running directly on tracks, but as with all modern products, advances in design have eradicated this problem. Patio doors now slide smoothly, and larger doors can be top-hung, in a ‘lift-slide’ design, to avoid the friction on bottom tracks. These high performance patio doors will continue to slide easily and freely, with only a little regular maintenance, to keep the tracks clear and clean.
  2. Patio doors are bulky and ugly. Not the sleek modern ones manufactured by Clear View in their Huddersfield factory! Modern patio doors have much slimmer frames than older versions, and will be custom made for you in the material, colour and finish of your choice.
  3. Sliding patio doors leak when it rains. Clear View manufacture sliding patio doors to exacting standards and specifications and modern patio doors have extremely good weather proof qualities. The installation of patio doors plays a big part in how weather proof they will be, so Clear View doors will be installed by their team of skilled door technicians, to ensure optimum weather resistance.
  4. Sliding patio doors are air tight. While unsuitable patio doors, fitted by unskilled fitters, may be either too draughty, or too airtight for comfort, doors and windows manufactured and installed by Clear View will conform to all applicable standards for the design. Clear View fitters will install your doors with the utmost care and skill, making patio doors a good choice for comfortable living conditions.

Take a look at the new range of patio doors available from Clear View – you will be surprised just how good new sliding patios doors are!

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