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Top Reasons to choose bi-folding doors for your Yorkshire Home

Exterior Bi-Folding Patio Doors Huddersfield

Bi-fold doors are a popular addition to any home, giving the sense of luxury living, space and freedom that you do not get with other alternatives. There are many great reasons as to why you might consider adding them, but below are some of the most common ones we hear about:

Freedom of Movement into the Garden

Adding bi-fold doors is a super way of creating open space between the garden area and your home. This can give you the comfort of being indoors but experiencing the outside as well, with free movement between both areas. By Adding high quality aluminium bi-folding doors to your home you can give the impression of a longer living area, and a larger garden.

Natural Light

Bi-folding Doors also increase the natural light that enters your home. Whilst they don’t have quite so much free open space as sliding doors, they are still really good. Natural light has multiple benefits, including helping to improve productivity. It can also help to add value to your home with dark rooms being illuminated with natural light, giving the sense of space.

Additional Security

We always get asked whether adding bi-folding doors will compromise security, because of the excess glass. However, the reality is that they will help to improve security, with multi-point locking across the length of the door. Other glass doors have only one point of locking, which leaves them weaker.

Lower Maintenance Required

Despite the large amounts of glass and moving parts, these doors do not require as much maintenance as you may think. Because the panes are smaller – although there are more – they can be easier to clean as well.

They Look Great

One of the main reasons people buy bi-folding doors is that they look superb. Those looking for a modern look and appeal can have the benefit of smaller sight lines and an increase in the benefits. Whether you want them to blend in with the rest of the house or be a feature in their own right, these doors have huge benefits.

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