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What does Secured by Design mean?

When you are looking for aluminium doors or windows, you will often hear companies say that their products are secured by design. Now almost everybody knows this is a industry accreditation and standard but is that really enough?

Here at Clearview, we wanted to go one step further and inform our clients and customers what having a secured by design accreditation and certificate really means.

Secured by Design is a flagship initiative by the Police Force in the UK to support the designing out of crime. Any door that thus has the SBD approval has been tested and assessed against a certain set of criteria and those that complete these testes are approved as having a high degree of resistance to attempted break-ins.

The criteria focuses on the prevention of crime through a number of different methods. This includes the design of the windows and doors, the layout of them and the processes in the construction stages. In essence, it aims to reward those companies who manufacture products which have high security standards through a number of different processes.

Some of the terminology used includes the following:

• Any door assemblies must pass BS:PAS 23 General Performance Requirements (excluding annexes) and BS:PAS 24 Enhanced Security Requirements. The doors are then also tested for the end bolt test, which replicates an attack on the bolt. It must pass this test to be awarded a SBD licence.

• For windows, manufacturers must be certificated for production to BS 7950 enhanced security for domestic windows. (This also includes: BSI Kite-mark, BBA certificate, BM-Trada Q-Mark, BWF-TWAS or equivalent).

To ensure the testing is of the highest of standards, a UKAS accredited tester will carry out the criteria tests before making a decision based on a range of the score produced.

Hopefully this article will allow you to understand some of the complex jargon used during the initial thought and quotation process. If it is essential that your new aluminium windows and doors are secured by design, ask your supplier if they conform to the standards above. Alternatively, use Clearview as all our products are accredited by these standards and we regularly invite UKAS inspectors in to ensure we are always working to the highest of industry standards.

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