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When do you need planning permission?

Rear Patio Bi-folding door project Huddersfield

Did you know that most houses have Permitted Development (PD) rights which means you could modify your home without the need of the lengthy process of Planning Permission?

Permitted Development rights give most houses automatic planning consent for a range of modest alterations within a set of parameters. Here at Clear View we have come up with a brief summary of the main points, but be aware this is a very complex area and you should always seek the advice of an architect or builder for specific advice on your work.

Build a rear extension

A common use of Permitted Development is for a single-storey extension to the rear of the house. There are however some specific limitations on what you can and can’t do under a PD, applying for a Lawful Development Certificate (LDC) in advance gives you a rubber stamp to say your build is within the limits. For example building higher than 4m single-storey will require Planning Permission.

In some circumstances two-storey rear extensions are permissible, but again limits are even tighter so it is important to do your research before you go ahead.

Side extension

A single-storey side extension is also permissible under PD and can extend sideways as far as half of the width of the original house.

Loft Conversions

All the previous extensions mentioned have been Class A but that’s only a small part of what PD rules cover. Class B deals with extensions to roofs, which can provide useable headspace and daylight in a loft conversion.

Take it outside

Under Class E, PD gives you the right to build outbuildings on your property. Again be aware of the limitation, such as they cannot take up more than 50% of the garden space and be at the front of the house.

Don’t forget other requirements

While PD can avoid going down the route of Planning Permission, it is important not to forget other necessary requirements it cannot avoid, such as party wall legislation and Listed Building Consent.

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