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Why you should buy aluminium windows and doors

Custom aluminium sliding patio doors rear

There are many benefits of having aluminium windows and doors such as aesthetics, strength and a host of other great features. Below the team at Clear View look at some of the many reasons why you would choose aluminium windows for your property and why we believe it is one of the best products out there for your windows and doors.

All aluminium windows are able to meet and exceed high-level of energy efficient standards and have a great performance all year round. They could easily achieve improvements in heat retention and limit heat loss. This is done through using specially enhanced glazing with a higher energy efficiency rating so you can see a reduction on your heating bills statement.

Who doesn’t like something that also reduces their carbon footprint and is good for the environment? Aluminium windows are just that and having proven that over a lifetime span they will significantly reduce your environmental impact compared to their counterparts is a huge advantage. Despite the additional initial costs, the rewards are well worth the investment.

The further strength they have is their modern nature. Not only do they provide a great talking point but they also add significant value to your home in monetary terms. They will help to increase any resale value. They are also very low maintenance and come with a 10 year guarantee from Clear View, highlighting their further qualities.

To get the effect you want, you can have additional coating finishes which will allow you to have an outstanding colour finish for over 20 years with just minimal maintenance checks throughout this period.

What’s more aluminium offers a range of different finishes through powder coating which gives an attractive finished aluminium frames. This also means you can have a 200 colours so you can match your new frames to any windows and doors all features within your home.

So as you can see there are many benefits of having aluminium windows. Obviously there are many more and you still have to decide what style you want. However this article shows that by using aluminium when you change your windows and doors not only will you be getting a great product but you can significantly improve other areas in your life such as your day-to-day living and how much can impact your house has on the environment. 




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